All About Cannabis: Infused Oils, Lotions & Massage?

Cannabis has played a significant—and often contentious—role in our culture for a very long time. On one hand, there are some who assert that cannabis may treat a variety of illnesses, ranging from insomnia to cancer; on the other, there are others who issue dire warnings about “Reefer Madness.” What’s the truth? Most likely, it lies somewhere in the middle.

The ever-increasing recognition and general consensus on the usefulness of cannabis for medicinal purposes is an issue that cannot be called into question. More and more study is being done on the chemical components found in cannabis and the different applications for those chemicals as science and technology continue to improve. Cannabinoids have several potential medical applications beyond just “getting you high,” including the reduction of pain, inflammation, and muscular tension, among others.

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What is cannabis massage?

A cannabis massage is a kind of massage that is conducted using a lotion that contains cannabis extracts already infused into it. You may think of it as a topical muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, and something that will help take the edge off a little bit. When you add it to a fantastic massage performed by someone who has won awards for their work, you get a combination that just cannot be topped.

Will it make me high?

Not any more than what you would get from a typical massage. If you choose a full-body massage utilizing cannabis lotion, you could discover that you are a little bit more relaxed at the conclusion of the session; nevertheless, you will still be completely competent, alert, and functioning.

No? Then what’s the point?

The recent reclassification of cannabis from its long-held status as a Schedule I drug (meaning it possesses no therapeutic or preventative value) to a substance that can be used legally for medical and recreational purposes has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of research conducted into the potential benefits cannabis may provide. Cannabis may reduce inflammation, muscular spasm, discomfort, tension, and stress, which are all conditions that may be helped by massage. This is just one of the many purported benefits of using cannabis.

Even if using cannabis might potentially assist them in some way, many individuals choose not to do so because of the mental fog that comes with doing so, despite the fact that there may be advantages to doing so. When using cannabis-based products that are applied to the skin, a low dose paired with the manner of delivery eliminates the risk of experiencing any cognitive impairment while still providing some of the benefits of cannabis.

Will I smell like weed?

Only in the event that you continue smoking following your session. If such is the case, then you have only yourself to blame.

Will anyone be able to tell?

They may be able to tell you’ve had a massage by your pleasant look, improved posture, and somewhat disheveled hair, but until you tell everyone, no, they won’t know there was cannabis in your massage lotion unless you tell them.

What about going back to work?  Will I test positive on a UA?

The verdict is still out on that matter. In spite of the fact that I’ve been told stories of individuals who tested positive for drugs, my own personal experience suggests that this is not the case. This is especially true for those who don’t use drugs on a regular basis.

If, on the other hand, keeping your job or maintaining custody of your children is contingent on you maintaining a normal body temperature, I would recommend that you continue receiving frequent massages.

What oil or lotion should be used?

I appreciate the lotion that is made by a local business in Colorado called Apothecanna. In contrast to handmade lotions or oils, Apothecanna examines each and every batch to ensure its potency and consistency by determining the quantity of THC and CBD that is contained inside the product.

These lotions do not leave behind a greasy residue, they soak rapidly, and they give the skin a velvety sensation. There is no detectable odor of cannabis, and the lotions include various plant extracts to assist in accomplishing their goal. The Extra-Strength Pain Relieving lotion contains essential oils of arnica, peppermint, and juniper, whilst the Calming lotion has essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and frankincense.

Both of these lotions are available for purchase at any and all of the area’s dispensaries and may be used for either medical or recreational purposes.

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