Benefits of Organic Hemp Protein Powder for Men & Women

What exactly is hemp protein? Let’s start at the very beginning of this discussion.

Hemp protein is produced from the small’miracle’ seeds, often known as hemp seeds, which are grown in abundance in the United States. They are the single most bioavailable protein accessible to the human digestive system.

In addition, if you are interested in bodybuilding and weightlifting, or even if you are not concerned with your health and are just concerned with seeing immediate results, I have some good news for you as well.

Hemp protein powder has a greater anabolic effect than whey protein, with 10 grammes of hemp protein powder having a greater anabolic effect than 30 grammes of whey protein!

And ladies, please don’t be put off by this..!! As long as you don’t do a lot of hard weight lifting, hemp protein will only be beneficial to your health and fitness. Your skin, nails, and general health, vitality, energy, and well-being will all benefit from your efforts. There aren’t any known adverse effects associated with hemp protein, which is a good thing. That has never been reported to have happened.

Please do not hesitate to post a remark if you suffer any negative side effects while using this medication. Thank you!

The Connection Between Organic And Hemp?

Isn’t it interesting that hemp protein powder is often labelled as “organic”?

This is due to the fact that the hemp plant is really a weed that nearly grows by itself and continues to emerge from the ground year after year. That is also one of the primary reasons why I promote hemp protein to everyone of my customers, readers, family, and friends on such a consistent basis. Heck, I even convinced my own brother to ditch his old whey shake in favour of the one seen on the left, which happens to be one of my personal favourites.

Hemp protein is the most complete protein found in nature. That is all there is to it! (For additional information on hemp protein, see this page.)

Hemp protein includes all of the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), is high in minerals, and has a high concentration of soluble fibres, which makes it the ideal building block for the regeneration of all cells in our bodies. (For additional information on hemp seeds, from which the protein powder is made, check this page.)

Hemp Protein Is NOT A Drug!

This is most likely the only’side effect’ associated with hemp protein powder.

When I tell people about hemp protein powder, the first thing they say is something like “I had no idea you were a drug addict…”. – and guess what? I’m not one of them!!

Hemp and marijuana are as different as night and day. They have practically nothing in common other than the fact that they are both derived from the same type of plant, Cannabis Sativa L., but from distinct cultivars of the same species. As an example, consider the Pugs and St. Bernard, who are both dogs, yet they are diametrically opposed to one another in their personalities.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the euphoric ingredient that causes individuals who smoke marijuana to feel ‘wasted,’ is absent from hemp, which is the male plant. Hemp is also known as hemp seed. The female plant, on the other hand, has these characteristics.

Although hemp does contain very tiny levels of THC, it is hardly worth noting since you would have to extract enough THC from hemp to smoke one single joint to make it worthwhile. I simply had the need to bring it up with you. It’s not that it makes a difference, but at least you now know.

Why Hemp Is Illigal To Grow Within The US, But Completely Legal To Buy..

USA is the leading nation most of the time, but they’re seriously trailing in this category!

Well you must be wondering why hemp is illigal to grow inside the US, while most other regions in the world, like ex. Canada allow it. Really it makes no sense at all, since you’re still allowed to buy all sorts of hemp food products (hemp oil, powder, milk, seeds, etc) inside the US. Isn’t that contradicting?

This farce is caused by a aggresive, and not very detailed, war / policy against the drug lords. But it’s certainly also because the hemp plant, as a resource, is a direct threat to the synthetic fiber- and the fossil fuel industry and big energy corporations. Naturally, with tremendous amounts of money involved there are great interests in keeping hemp as far away from the public as possible, without making it too obvious. If you think this is nothing more than conspiracy theories you’re part right, but just think about it for a second. If you look back in history, in some regions of the world, hemp was actually THE most important food resource. I’ll write more about the ancient past of hemp in a later blog post, I have already written several articles on the subject.

Nonetheless, hemp food products represents a completely legal, ethical, eco- and health friendly industry, which actually might just be one of the fastest growing industries and trends in the whole world right now. People really has become curious. They now question authority and the mainstream beliefs in general. And with global access to the internet, the truth is not easily hidden anymore. All it takes is for people to as themselves ‘what is hemp protein?’, go to google, search and the next moment they end up here, hopefully starting to open their eyes to the wonderful world of organic hemp protein foods, oils and powders.

The Future Of Hemp Protein Looks Really Bright..

Just watch the wide array of products popping up! Hemp really can save our planet!

People’s perception of the hemp plant is starting to gain momentum and shift, since both industrial hemp as well as Cannabis Sativa are getting more and more attention, due to the climate changes and crisis we’re in.

Some politicians and scientists have already started to recognize the potential (or once again, I should say) that yet lies dorment in the hemp plant. Both in regards to the health benefits of hemp protein and oils, the fibers for clothing, and of course industrial agriculture for growing weeds for fuel.

You wanted to know, what is hemp protein? Now you know, but if you’re still not fully convinced that hemp food products can help you improve your health, well-being, performance and energy, please read through some of the other articles on this site.

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