Cannabis-infused Oils And Lotions: What Is Cannabis Massage?

Cannabis has had a long and often controversial role in our society.  On one side, supports claim that cannabis can cure anything from insomnia to cancer; on the other lie dire warnings of “Reefer Madness.”  The truth?  Probably somewhere in between.

Something that is completely incontrovertible is the growing awareness and acceptance of the medical benefits of cannabis.  As science and technology advance, more research is being done on the chemical compounds in cannabis and their various uses.  Far from just “getting you high,” cannabinoids can be useful for relieving pain, inflammation, muscle tension, and more.

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What is cannabis massage?

Cannabis massage is a massage performed with a lotion that has been infused with cannabis extracts.  Think of it as a topical muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory, plus a little something to take the edge off.  Combine that with a stellar, award-winning massage, and you have a combination that can’t be beat.

Will it make me high?

No, no more than a regular massage will.  If you select our Colorado 14K option–a full-body massage using cannabis lotion–you may find yourself a little extra relaxed at the end of the session, but you will still be fully functional, capable, and aware.

No? Then what’s the point?

With the legalization of cannabis–long classified as a Schedule I drug (ie, no medicinal or health benefits)–for medical and recreational uses, considerably more research has been going into the potential gains it may bring.  Some of the perks cannabis seems to bring include use against inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, tension, and stress–all things that massage is good for, too.

For many people, the cognitive fuzziness that results from cannabis use is reason enough not to avail themselves of it, no matter the potential benefits.  With topical cannabis applications, the low dosage combined with the method of delivery prevents any cognitive impairment while continuing to deliver some of the assets.

Will I smell like weed?

Only if you smoke after your session.  In which case, that’s your own damn fault.

Will anyone be able to tell?

They might be able to guess you’ve had a massage–blissful expression, better posture, slightly mussed-up hair–but unless you tell everyone, no, they won’t know there was cannabis in your massage lotion.

What about going back to work?  Will I test positive on a UA?

The jury’s out on that one.  While I’ve heard anecdotes about people testing positive, my experience indicates the opposite–even more so for people who do not otherwise indulge.

On the other hand, if your job or custody of your kids depends on you not testing hot, I’d think about sticking to a regular massage. 

What oil or lotion should be used?

I like lotion from a local Colorado company called Apothecanna.  Unlike homemade lotions or oils, Apothecanna tests every single batch for potency and consistency, measuring the amounts of THC and CBD present.

The lotions are non-greasy, absorb quickly, and leave skin with a silky feeling.  There is no cannabis odor, and the lotions contain additional botanical extracts to aid their purpose.  The Calming lotion includes essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and frankincense; the Extra-strength Pain Relieving lotion has arnica, peppermint, and juniper.

Both of these lotions are available at all local dispensaries for both Medical and Recreational use.

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