Diary & Vitamin B12 Deficiency Myth!

It was actually while reading through the comments on an article regarding hemp milk that I was inspired to create this blogging. A young lady by the name of Izzi posed the following question:

The following question: “Could someone kindly explain to me how you acquire B12 from Hemp milk?” This vitamin can only be obtained naturally through animal products such as meat, dairy, and spiriva? Because plants do not contain vitamin B12, there is no way that hemp could contain even a little quantity of this vitamin if any at all. “Could you kindly elaborate on this?”

I can easily appreciate Izzi’s worry about the quantity of B12 that one would get by drinking hemp milk. I’ve had similar concerns myself. That is a fantastic question that she has posed, to be honest. Allow me to attempt to clarify the situation.

According to popular belief, vitamin B12 can only be found in animal carcasses (meat) and other animal by-products (such as dairy products) (diary)… B12 is, in fact, a bacterium. A bacterium that can be found in the soil and flourishes. The soil in which vegetables and fruits are grown, and which, in turn, is consumed by the animals.

Meat and dairy products are not a direct source of vitamin B12, and the minor levels of vitamin B12 present in these “foods” are really derived from the soil.

Meat eaters generally get a little more B12 than we vegans and vegetarians do, but vegans absorb significantly more B12 than we do because the acid production in our stomachs increases to extremely high levels when we digest meat – which destroys the B12 bacteria – and vegans absorb significantly more B12.

The best thing you can do is get bio-dynamic organic veggies (and hemp is a weed, so it is typically found organic) and don’t be concerned if you still get a little dirt on your hands every now and then. Our predecessors did, and they were never affected by B12 deficiency in any way.

Rather than a shortage of vitamin B12 in the food, Dr. Gabriel Cousens believes that vitamin B12 insufficiency is often caused by a lack of absorption in the digestive system. Increase the absorption of vitamin B12 by improving your digestion and assimilation.

When our digestive systems are operating at peak performance, our bodies are capable of producing modest quantities of vitamin B12 on their own, provided that we provide our bodies with the proper resources to work with.

If you eat properly, you shouldn’t need to supplement B12, and vitamin pills should only be used as a temporary remedy while you’re transitioning to new healthy eating habits and a better way of living.

If You Don’t Know How To Eat Right Just Yet…

And most people don’t!

Then taking a vitamin supplement is probably a good idea for the time being, regardless you’re a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater. It could be a B12 vitamin pill or you could simply replace some of your diary products, like ex. the unhealthy cows milk with the super healthy fortified organic Hemp milk.

Reason why I want you to cut your diary intake if possible is, as I wrote about in the Hemp protein vs Whey protein blog post, that the more diary you consume, the more sulfur containing amino acids floods your bloodstream. Also note that a large portion of the diary you eat isn’t digested but is gathering inside of your body..

Yes diary products are packed with calcium and B12, but you also need more, the higher your intake is… It’s like that, because diary is not the direct, original source of these nutrients. The direct sources was the grass the cow ate and so on..

If you integrate superfoods, like Hemp, from the plant kingdom in your diet, you won’t have a problem getting all the nutrients you need. I’ll write some articles around dieting the right way, when I get the time, but if you can’t wait, then check out this Eating For Energy Review or if you’re a meat eater, then The Diet Solution Program is for you. I haven’t actually tried this last one just yet, Rocking Body Raw Food but it looks pretty good to me, that you’re given access to an entire website… and Joy Houston looks really cute too WAIT looks can be deceiving, and they often are, so wait with this last one. I will do a review on all 3 products soon.

Just Remember This

To avoid symptoms of B12 deficiency, you need to get either 1 micro gram 3 times a day, or 10 micro grams 1 times a day. B12 is best absorbed in small amounts at a time. These are the absolute lowest recommended limits, and you can’t get too much B12 no matter what you do. So I advice you to buy fortified foods whenever possible, until you learn how to eat natural and healthy!

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