Hemp 101: Its Nutrition and Industrial Purposes

Did you know

Hemp fiber was the material of choice for canvas, sail, rope, and twine prior to the development of nylon in the 1930s. This preference lingered for the better part of a millennium.

Hemp: Nature’s Complete Food Source

The perfect balance of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids can be found in hemp seeds that have had their hulls removed. Hemp seeds contain 40 percent protein. These are the oils that are responsible for maintaining the health of our hearts, the radiance of our skin, the high levels of energy we experience, and the strength of our immune systems.

Humankind’s First Crop

Hemp was the first plant that humans cultivated for agricultural purposes, and there is archaeological evidence that entire cultures in Asia produced hemp more than 12,000 years ago for use as a food source, a building material, and a raw material. Hemp was also the first crop that humans cultivated for industrial purposes.

Hemp is not marijuana

Both of these plants are related to one another by a common ancestor and share many characteristics, including their outward appearances and their fundamental architecture. They are also distantly related to one another. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical that gets released into the body after marijuana flowers are heated and then consumed. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Marijuana has a long history of use as a medication, dating back thousands of years. This particular application of its properties dates back even further.

Hemp, on the other hand, does not contain any detectable levels of THC and, as a consequence, does not cause any psychoactive effects in people who consume it. Hemp has never been utilized as a medication; rather, the plant has been primarily cultivated for its fiber and only secondarily for its edible seeds and stalks. This is due to the fact that hemp does not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is only possible to cultivate hemp in Canada with permission from the federal government, and Health Canada requires that any hemp grown in the country be subjected to mandatory laboratory testing in order to certify that it contains 0% THC. Cultivating hemp in Canada requires permission from the federal government.

Hemp fibre is super strong!

The fiber obtained from hemp is the most resilient plant material that can be located in any part of the world. It has been put to use in the manufacturing of fishnets, ropes, sails, garments, paper, and concrete almost since the beginning of recorded human history. In addition to having the capacity to produce the most fruit of any annual crop, it also has the distinction of being the most powerful. If everything goes according to plan, a single acre of hemp will produce ten tons of fiber that can be harvested and put to various uses.

Hemp replaces toxic materials

Researchers are discovering new applications for hemp fiber in the modern industrial processes that are in use today. These applications include the use of hemp fiber in the production of fiberglass, cellulose polymers, ethanol fuel, and insulation. The vast majority of these things are now manufactured using by-products of non-renewable petroleum, which are harmful to the environment in which we live. These by-products are used in almost all of the manufacturing processes. The expansion of hemp farming in Canada will result in a corresponding increase in our industrial production of products made from hemp fiber. This will lead to the development of products that are not only healthier but also friendlier to the environment. These products will include fuels and materials, as well as those that can be used in the construction of our homes and places of employment.

Hemp can save the forests

Paper made from hemp, plywood made from hemp, and construction beams made from hemp offer an alternative to the immense destruction that is being produced by present forestry techniques across the majority of the world. These products can all be made from hemp. One acre of hemp produces more raw materials that can be used to make paper than four acres of trees combined. This is because hemp is a more efficient plant.

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