History Of Hemp

To the end of the twentieth century, hemp was one of the most important crops for humans. To see how the widespread usage of hemp has degenerated to the point that people no longer recognise it as anything other than a plant that “gets you high” is astounding.
Here is a brief overview of hemp’s historical significance in society to give you a better understanding of the plant:

  1. Hemp paper was used to write the original draughts of the American Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, and the King James Bible, among other documents.
  2. The hemp plant was favoured by both Presidents Washington and Jefferson in the United States.
  3. Up until the late nineteenth century, hemp fibre was used to make the vast bulk of twine, rope, ship sails, rigging, and nets.
  4. Hemp’s downfall occurred roughly in the 1930s, around the time of the United States’ prohibition of marijuana and the patenting of Du Pont’s novel “plastic fibre.”
  5. In fact, hemp oil was the most widely used lighting oil in the world until 1800.
  6. In 1935, 116 million pounds of hemp seed were used in the United States only for the purpose of painting and varnishing.
  7. The works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Gainsborough were mostly painted on hemp canvas using hemp-based paint, as was the case with many other artists of the time.
  8. The first Henry Ford automobile was constructed from a blend of plant resins, including hemp.
  9. In France, it has been discovered that hemp was used as a cementing ingredient in a bridge built in the 6th century.

Most Recently

  • Bill Clinton ordered hemp beer to be served on his private plane.
  • Hemp horse bedding is used to provide bedding for the horses of the Queen of England.
  • Armani has developed a hemp suit, and hemp fabrics are used in the decoration of his workplace.
  • The Body Shop offers a complete line of hemp-based cosmetics.
  • Terry Waite has constructed a home entirely of hemp.
  • Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are all experimenting with hemp for use in automobile manufacture.

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