What is Hemp Milk? Everything You to Know About Hemp Milk

The process of grinding hemp seeds into water and then soaking them results in hemp milk, also known as hemp seed milk. This results in a nutty, creamy beverage that has numerous health advantages and is frequently referred to as hemp milk. Although the term “superfood” is a misnomer given that it is a drink, it has been written about rather often in magazines devoted to fitness and health as if it were a superfood. On the other hand, the phrase “superfood” is often used to the milks, juices, and individual components of seeds, berries, vegetables, nuts, and so on.

There is either no detectable quantity of THC in hemp seeds or it is so low that it is almost impossible to measure. THC is the component of marijuana that is responsible for its euphoric effects. The cannabis plant comes in a variety of strains.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Milk?

There are a lot of advantages to drinking hemp milk. One of the reasons why Dr. Oz referred to hemp milk as his preferred milk replacement is because of this. Could hemp milk, the mention of which often brings to mind a certain illicit substance, really be all that beneficial to your health? As was said before, the seeds of the hemp plant do not contain any chemicals that may be considered psychotropic. In addition, it would be contrary to the scientific method to base a judgment on a nutritious health product on the legal and social stigma associated with a drug, especially considering that the psychoactive component of the plant is not at issue.

The Cannabis sativa plant is the source of all edible forms of hemp, including hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein, and hemp milk, among other forms of hemp food items. When you consume hemp, however, you will not experience the same psychoactive effects as when you consume marijuana since the two plants originate from the same plant. Farmers, growers, and manufacturers of hemp employ plants with a THC concentration that is lower than 0.3 percent. Some hemp farmers grow plants that have no detectable amounts of THC. In order to manufacture hemp milk, the hemp seeds must first be pulverized before being mixed with water. The resulting liquid must then be filtered. In other words, consuming milk will not result in you being stoned.

What are Dr. Oz’s preferred alternatives to cow’s milk, and why does he recommend hemp milk? Hemp milk has a wonderful flavor in addition to having an amazing nutritional profile. It has a smooth texture with a taste that is sweet and nutty, and it has a quality that may be described as addicting. To put all kidding aside, the truth is that hemp milk does not have an addictive quality. Keep in mind that the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant will not affect your experience with drinking hemp milk. Because of its creamy smoothness, it is much more substantial than skim milk and other alternatives to cow’s milk. The flavor makes it an excellent choice for the liquid foundation of smoothies, and if you use it, you will get a far greater nutritional count than you would if you used yogurt or cow’s milk as the liquid base of a smoothie instead of almond milk.

Additionally beneficial to your health is hemp milk. Hemp seeds are loaded with the plant-based version of omega-3 fatty acids, and many hemp milk producers add some more hemp oil to their hemp drinks so that consumers may get the advantages of additional omega-3s. According to several studies, ensuring that your diet contains a suitable amount of omega-3 fatty acids on a daily basis may assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that there are advantages to consuming hemp oil, despite the fact that the kind of omega-3 contained in hemp is not as readily used by the body as the one found in fish.

Additionally, if you are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk or soy, or suffer from milk or soy allergies, drinking hemp beverages may be a tasty alternative for you. However, it is important to look for a brand that is fortified with vitamin D and calcium, and you should not rely on hemp beverages as your primary source of protein in your diet.

Stick to the unsweetened variants if you’re trying to manage your waistline, since this is one piece of advice that may be given to those who are trying to lose weight. Hemp milk that is flavored with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry often has extra sugar added, which raises the total number of calories to more than what you would get from a cup of skim or low-fat milk.

Hemp Milk Nutrition

The important fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, as well as a variety of other nutrients, may be found in large quantities in hemp seeds. Additionally, hemp seeds are a rich source of a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and trace elements. When compared to eating a dish of tasteless steamed veggies or any other food-based source of nutrients, it is simple to understand the allure of sipping a delightful beverage that is packed to the brim with nutrients that are necessary for life. The seeds of the hemp plant include a variety of essential nutrients, including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium, iron, fiber, calcium, and phytosterols.

Hemp milk is an excellent source of protein for vegans since it contains all 10 necessary amino acids. This is particularly true given that the milk is in liquid form, making it simpler to digest. Enzyme inhibitors, often known as phytates, are present in certain soy proteins, but not in hem protein. Hem protein does not include any enzyme inhibitors. These phytates have the potential to obstruct the body’s ability to absorb necessary minerals. Hemp protein offers a number of advantages over soy protein, one of which is that it is often easier to digest than soy protein. This is due to the absence of oligosaccharides in hemp protein, which are present in soy. Oligosaccharides have the potential to cause flatulence if they are not effectively broken down by the digestive process.

How Does Hemp Milk Taste?

Hemp milk, whether sweetened or unsweetened, has a taste profile that is nutty and sweet. Hemp milk that has not been sweetened has a taste that is distinctively nutty. It has been said to have a creamy texture, a beany flavor, a grassy flavor, an earthy flavor, and even a naturally wonderful flavor. On the other hand, the natural flavor of unsweetened hemp milk is not to everyone’s liking; those who dislike it describe it as being a bit strange, but often not all that unpleasant. If you’re not a huge lover of the whole superfood smoothie thing but still want to reap the health benefits of hemp milk, you may try substituting it for the milk you normally have in your morning coffee or on your cereal.

Where to Purchase Hemp Milk? What Flavors Does it Come in?

There are a lot of companies that sell hemp milk, and among the many kinds available, there are a few that have garnered very positive feedback from customers and deserve special notice. As an example, let’s have a look at Hemp Bliss, which is produced by Manitoba Harvest.

Hemp Bliss from Manitoba Harvest is a product that is manufactured from organic hemp seeds and does not include any added sugar. The Hemp Bliss product is filtered using cold water, does not include any preservatives or chemicals, is not made from genetically engineered hemp, and is certified organic.

Chocolate and vanilla are the two kinds of hemp milk that sell the most often.

Hemp Milk Recipes

Muffins made with hemp milk and honey bran


• Two eggs

• One and one-third cups of hemp milk that has not been sweetened

• One-third of a cup of liquid honey or agave nectar, measured out to three-quarters of a cup

Two tablespoons’ worth of vanilla extract

• An ounce and a half and a half of bran

• The powdered equivalent of two teaspoons of hemp protein

• One mug and three-quarters of a cup of flour

Baking soda to the extent of one and one-half teaspoons

• One-sixtieth of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon

• One-fiftieth of a teaspoon of table salt

• One and one-half cups of dried cranberries (raisins)


Mix the honey, vanilla extract, eggs, and milk together. In a separate dish, mix together the other components of the recipe. Mix together the wet and dry components after adding the wet elements to the dry. Just give everything a good stir until it’s evenly distributed over the space. Put the muffin batter into pans that have been oiled or coated with paper liners. Bake at 350F for 20-30 minutes.

After removing them from the muffin tins and allowing them to stand for a couple of minutes, you can then enjoy eating them.

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