Why Hemp & Cannabis Growers Need Solar Power For Grow Room?

The expensiveness of electrical energy is one of the main roadblocks for hemp farmers. To resolve this issue and get reduces the cost of weed production, a lot of growers consider using renewable energy to maintain farm facilities. Let’s check how solar power can benefit hemp growers.

What is Solar Power?

It is the process of converting sunlight energy into electrical power by using solar panels. It helps to generate electricity for free. Also, solar panels provide zero impact on the environment.

Demand for Electricity of Weed Growers

Growing weed is no easy process. It doesn’t grow as good as lawn grass. To get a good yield, a farmer needs to create facilities for growing Cannabis and maintain them 24/7. Therefore, every weed grower has a high demand for electrical energy.

  • Irrigation

Every plant needs water to grow. A regular water supplement is required to produce a good harvest with a high amount of Cannabidiol. Due to this, water facilities should work 24/7 to irrigate all the plants properly.

  • Security

To save the harvest from robbers, every weed grower has to secure a farm. Video cameras, servers, and smoke detectors should work 24/7 with no breaks.

  • Artificial Lightning

Lighting on a weed farm takes a large part of electricity consumption, over 35%. Unfortunately, a weed seed requires 24-hour light to start growing fast. A grown Cannabis plant requires 12-hour lighting. In the case of indoor harvesting, artificial lighting is the only option to raise a crop.
Moreover, light affects the sex of weed plans and the concentration of CBD. It is a non-narcotic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

  • Ventilation

Cooling, air conditioning, and CO2 injecting take more than 40% of energy consumption. To grow a good crop, farmers need to keep particular conditions. A grower needs to maintain air circulation and comfortable temperature.

How Solar Power Can Benefit Hemp Farmers

Since large bills for electricity negatively affect Cannabis growers and drive them to increase prices, a lot of farmers decide to use solar energy on their farms. Let’s check how green energy can benefit them.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

The main benefit of using solar panels on a hemp farm is reduced electricity expenses. It helps to lower prices and overcome competitors. Thereby it will reduce the cost of weed and CBD products like Hempworx gummies. Potentially, it may cause increased demand for these products.

  • Energetical Independence

Another reason why Cannabis growers need solar power is the necessity to be independent of the electrical network. It helps to keep maintaining all the facilities in cases of unexpected power outages. A farmer may lose all the harvest if a weed farm stays without power for more than three days. To keep a hemp farm and crop secured, an alternative source of energy is a must.

Alternative Energy for Hemp Growers

Growing weed is a complicated and process that requires a lot of facilities like water supplement, ventilation, and heating. To reduces electricity bills and keep a hemp farm safe from outages, solar energy is the best solution for weed growers and CBD products manufacturers.

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